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Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers

How does cloud computing provides on-demand functionality?
Cloud computing is a metaphor used for internet. It provides on-demand access to virtualized IT resources that can be shared by others or subscribed by you. It provides an easy way to provide configurable resources by taking it from a shared pool. The pool consists of networks, servers, storage, applications and services.
What is the difference between scalability and elasticity?
Scalability is a characteristic of cloud computing through which increasing workload can be handled by increasing in proportion the amount of resource capacity. It allows the architecture to provide on demand resources if the requirement is being raised by the traffic. Whereas, elasticity is being one of the characteristic provide the concept of commissioning and decommissioning of large amount of resource capacity dynamically. It is measured by the speed by which the resources are coming on demand and the usage of the resources.

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions and Answers Part4

Scenario: An administrator manages a XenApp farm that uses only hosted applications.
All users access the hosted applications through Web Interface using the online plug-in
that does NOT require administrator rights to install. Which method should the
administrator user to deliver the required client plug-in with minimal effort?
A. Batch files
B. Login scripts
C. Citrix Web Interface
D. Microsoft Group Policy
E. Citrix Receiver Updater
F. Citrix Merchandising Server
Answer: C

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions and Answers Part3

Scenario: The IT administrator at an online education institution manages a XenApp farm
that provides access to lectures and other class materials. The students and faculty
members connect to the XenApp farm published applications from remote computers that
are NOT part of the corporate Active Directory domain. Each student and faculty stuff
member is assigned a unique set of Active Directory credentials with a password
expiration policy of 15 days. The administrator needs to allow users to change their
passwords from the Web Interface site since the computers are NOT part of the domain.
In order to configure the Web Interface to allow students and faculty members to change
their passwords from the Web Interface site, the administrator could allow users to
change expired passwords by contacting the ________. (Choose the correct option to
complete the sentence.)
A. data store
B. server farm
C. domain controller directly
D. domain controller directly with fallback to the data store.
Answer: B
This question is misleading because you can only enable this setting for the services site,
NOT the web site. As you see below select the option for "server farm".
prompt- gransden.html

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions and Answers Part2

Scenario: A XenApp administrator must recommend a database option for the new
XenApp 6.5 data store. The new farm will have more than 100 XenApp servers and 500
published resources, support more than 5,000 concurrent users and have two zones
separated by a WAN connection. Which two database options should be administrator
recommend? (Choose two.)
A. IBM DB2 9.7
B. Oracle Enterprise 1.1
C. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
D. Microsoft SQL Server Express 2008
Answer: B, C
SQL Express is a free version that only supports small environments. Obviously 100
xenapp servers, 500 published applications, 5,000 concurrent users is a large

Citrix XenApp Interview Questions and Answers Part1

Scenario: A company's XenApp farm is spread across four geographically separated datacenters. Each datacenter is its own zone in the farm. Datacenter A contains 50 servers. Datacenter B contains 100 servers. Datacenter C contains 20 servers, and Datacenter D contains 10 servers, one of which is the license server.
Which datacenter would be the appropriate location for the farm's data store?
A. Datacenter A
B. Datacenter B
C. Datacenter C
D. Datacenter D

Answer: B

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