Monday, December 22, 2014

Broadband Error Codes

If you are customer of broadband and using Bridge mode (or dialer mode) connection, you must have experienced these or at least some of these errors at least once in your system and then you keep scratching your head that what the hell went wrong when you were doing every thing accordingly. Stop scratching your head, because I am providing the solutions for those errors.

                Though it is a very vast topic but I will touch all the frequent coming error codes. I will take the error codes not according to ascending/ descending order, but according to frequency of error occurrence.

Error 651: How to Fix it in Windows 7/8

If you are a windows user then it is possible that you have Face Error 651 Anytime.

There are many windows user who get affected by this error code 651 while working online.

If you are one of those windows user, then keep reading this article and carefully read out the following Detailed solutions which I have gathered after researching various websites, articles, forums etc.

When using Windows 7 built-in PPPoE wizard with a modem working in bridge mode, it fails and error code 651 appears. The similar problem happens on Windows Vista or previous versions as well. For example, Error code 678 on Windows XP is equivalent to error code 651 on Windows 7.
Error code 651 usually occurs when user tries to connect it’s broadband in windows 7 operating system. It shows a message that Your modem (or other connecting devices) has reported an error and Usually the message will be “Connection failed with error 651” .Fix Error 651

In such cases user tries to restart the whole computer, router or modem and if this solution doesn’t work then he/she tries to find the solution online but its rare that they find out the solution as they cannot get online.

You can easily make out when you are facing this problem in your windows 7 as this error code 651 shows an error message when user is working online.

About that problem, if it happens to you, it is highly recommended to adopt following attempts.

How to Set up a new PPPoE connection on your Windows 7

Here we take Windows 7 as an example, and please make sure that your Ethernet Adapter is working well.
Step 1 Please Click the Start button, go to Control Panel. And then go to Network and Internet->View network status and taskspage.

Step 2 Click on Set up a new connection or network.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

how to get process id attached with particular port in solaris

When you need to know process id attached with particular port use below command.

pfiles /proc/* 2>/dev/null | nawk ' /^[0-9]*:/ { pid=$0 } /port: 7085$/ { printf("%s %s\n",pid,$0);}'

  • pfiles /proc/* is retrieving all processes file descriptors details
  • 2>/dev/null is dropping out errors due to transient processes died in the meantime
  • each line starting with a number followed by a colon reports the process id and details, it is stored in the awk pid variable
  • when a line ends with the string port: <portnumber> (here is 7085), the corresponding pid variable is displayed.
Note: you need the required privilege(s) to get port information from processes you do not own (root has all privileges).

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