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CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers Part 3

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 3  

Q201: Does IS-IS elect a Backup Designated Router on a broadcast subnetwork?  
Ans: IS-IS does not elect a BDR.  

Q202: What is the purpose of the Pseudonode ID?  
Ans: The Pseudonode ID is the last octet of a LAN ID. Its purpose is to distinguish LAN IDs which are originated by a single router which is the DR on multiple LANs.  

Q203: What is the maximum age (MaxAge) of an IS-IS LSP?  
Ans: The MaxAge of an IS-IS LSP is 1200 seconds (20 minutes).

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers Part 2

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 2  

Q101: What is a recursive table lookup?  
Ans: A recursive routing table lookup occurs when a router cannot acquire all the information it needs to forward a packet with a single routing table lookup. For example, the router may perform one lookup to find the route to a destination and then perform another lookup to find a route to the next hop router of the first route.  

Q102: What is a routing protocol?  
Ans: A routing protocol is a "language" that routers speak to each other to share information about  
     network destinations.  

Q103: What basic procedures should a routing algorithm perform?  
Ans: At a minimum, a routing protocol should define procedures for  
     Passing reachability information about networks to other routers  
     Receiving reachability information from other routers  
     Determining optimal routes based on the reachability information it has and for recording  
     this information in a route table  
     Reacting to, compensating for, and advertising topology changes in an internetwork  

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 1

Q1. What are three types of LAN traffic?
Ans. Unicasts - intended for one host.
Broadcasts - intended for everyone.
Multicasts - intended for a only a subset or group within an entire network.

Q2. What are unicast frames?
Ans. Unicast frames are the most common type of network traffic. A unicast frame is a frame intended for only one host. The only station that processes this frame is one station that has its own MAC address in the destination portion of packet.

Q3. How do you enable IGRP on a Cisco router?
Ans. The way you enable IGRP on a Cisco router is similar to the way you enable RIP, except you specify IGRP as the protocol and add an autonomous system number. For example:
RouterA(config)# router igrp 10 (10 is the AS number)
RouterA(config-router)# network
RouterA(config-router)# network
RouterA(config-router)# network

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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