Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Security Updates for Flash Player V-

Adobe has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Flash Player.
Exploitation of some of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.
For securing your pc/laptop it must be updated to its latest version - .

In order to do this please follow the below instructions (Please note that in Chrome browser, the plugin is updated automatically):
1.      please enter the following link: Adobe Flash Playerdownload.
2.      Remove the V from the optional offers checkboxes
3.      Click on the "Install now" button
4.      Save the installation file.
5.      Open your download folder and locate the Adobe Flash Player installer file. Then double-click on the installer to complete the installation.
6.      Choose "Notify me to install updates" and click Next.
7.      Enable Flash Player in your browser:
    For Internet Explorer: Enabling Flash Player | Internet Explorer.
     For Firefox on any OS: Enabling Flash Player | Firefox.
     For Google Chrome: Enabling Flash Player | Chrome.

8.      Restart your browser.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to Disable SSL for Webmin

Webmin is a Web application that enables administrators to manage Linux servers. Webmin runs on a Web server at port 10000. Miniserv is the name of the Web server application that handles the Webmin Web application. By default, Miniserv uses SSL. However, you can disable SSL for Webmin Miniserv by editing the configuration file for the Web application. With SSL disabled, you can access the Webmin application over a standard HTTP connection.

Step 1
Open a terminal window on the Linux server. You can also SSH into the server if you do not have physical access to the machine.

Step 2
Type the following command at the command prompt and press the “Enter” key:
nano /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf
This command opens the Miniserv configuration file in the Nano text editor.

Using SSL with Webmin Fix SSL error

SSL Error On First Access of Webmin on New Install - (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

If you try to log into a new install and you receive this error:
An error occurred during a connection to
SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.
(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)
It is because SSL is not configured for Webmin and it must be enabled.

Because your Webmin login and password are normally passed between your browser and the server in unencrypted form, an attacker with access to any of the networks between the browser and server can easily capture your Webmin login. To prevent this, Webmin can be configured to use SSL to encrypt all of its network traffic.

If you have yum support on your linux distribution following will resolve SSL issue.
yum install openssl openssl-devel perl perl-Net-SSLeay perl-Crypt-SSLeay

Else follow below method.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Internet Connection Sharing has been disabled by the Network Administrator. (Solved)


Logged in to computer with domain account has administrator privileges, and wanted to share my computer’s wifi to my mobile phone. When open the network sharing dialog, the dialog says:
Internet Connection Sharing has been disabled by the Network Administrator.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Setting up a SFTP Server on Windows

I recently had to create an SFTP server on our work development system, and after doing a fair bit of Googling on the topic found a good solution. The solution is a combination of research done at differnt sites. It is this solution that I am sharing in hopes that it will help someone else. This tutorial will help you turn your Windows based system into a SecureFTP server.


Secure Shell (SSH) is a program that lets you log into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to move files from one machine to another. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over insecure channels. When using ssh, the entire login session, including transmission of password, is encrypted and therefore is very secure.

You may have noticed that many webhosts allow ssh access. This means that you can login to their webserver and execute many UNIX commands (the ones they allow you access to) on your account. Not only can you connect to other computers that provide SSH access, but you can also allow others to connect to your computer using SSH.

Friday, September 11, 2015

How to Fix Error Unable to Qualify My own Domain name

# Oct 6 14:11:06 nibappsun08 sendmail[9825]: [ID 702911 mail.alert] unable to qualify my own domain name (nibappsun08) -- using short name

The error is being caused because 'sendmail' is not configured properly to function as a bonafide mail server. You will see this message every time you reboot the server and it will eventually time out.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Docstoc Will Be Closing Down on December 1, 2015

Docstoc is an electronic document repository and online store, aimed at providing professional, financial and legal documents for the business community. Users can upload, share and sell their own documents, or purchase professional documents written in-house by professionals and lawyers.

Recently Docstoc issued a Service Discontinuation Notice to all of its registered users.

If you have any documents stored/shared at Docstoc, you may want to download a copy before the end of November this year as per the notice sent out by the company (see below)...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Multi core processors,Task manager shows only one core [Solved]

Recently I faced issue with one of my WinXP VM regarding CPU core display in Task Manager.
I have assigned Quad Core to XP VM but Task Manager display it as a single core.
4 cores displayed in Device Manager but Task Manager & MSCONFIG /NUMPROC options shows only one core.

Friday, July 3, 2015

How to create a Hirens Boot CD 15.2 USB Disk

Hiren’s BootCD (HBCD) is a bootable CD that contains a set of tools that can help users to fix their computer if their system fails to boot. More specifically, HBCD contains hardware diagnostic programs, partition tools, data recovery utilities, antivirus tools and many other tools to fix your computer problems. I write this article because I use Hiren’s BootCD frequently to troubleshoot computer problems, specially when a computer doesn’t boot anymore due to a virus attack or due to a corrupted file system.

In this article you will find instructions on how to put Hiren’s BootCD on a USB flash drive (stick) in order to troubleshoot computer problems in the future.

Monday, June 8, 2015

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers Part 3

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 3  

Q201: Does IS-IS elect a Backup Designated Router on a broadcast subnetwork?  
Ans: IS-IS does not elect a BDR.  

Q202: What is the purpose of the Pseudonode ID?  
Ans: The Pseudonode ID is the last octet of a LAN ID. Its purpose is to distinguish LAN IDs which are originated by a single router which is the DR on multiple LANs.  

Q203: What is the maximum age (MaxAge) of an IS-IS LSP?  
Ans: The MaxAge of an IS-IS LSP is 1200 seconds (20 minutes).

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers Part 2

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 2  

Q101: What is a recursive table lookup?  
Ans: A recursive routing table lookup occurs when a router cannot acquire all the information it needs to forward a packet with a single routing table lookup. For example, the router may perform one lookup to find the route to a destination and then perform another lookup to find a route to the next hop router of the first route.  

Q102: What is a routing protocol?  
Ans: A routing protocol is a "language" that routers speak to each other to share information about  
     network destinations.  

Q103: What basic procedures should a routing algorithm perform?  
Ans: At a minimum, a routing protocol should define procedures for  
     Passing reachability information about networks to other routers  
     Receiving reachability information from other routers  
     Determining optimal routes based on the reachability information it has and for recording  
     this information in a route table  
     Reacting to, compensating for, and advertising topology changes in an internetwork  

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answers

CCNP Job Interview Questions & Answere Part 1

Q1. What are three types of LAN traffic?
Ans. Unicasts - intended for one host.
Broadcasts - intended for everyone.
Multicasts - intended for a only a subset or group within an entire network.

Q2. What are unicast frames?
Ans. Unicast frames are the most common type of network traffic. A unicast frame is a frame intended for only one host. The only station that processes this frame is one station that has its own MAC address in the destination portion of packet.

Q3. How do you enable IGRP on a Cisco router?
Ans. The way you enable IGRP on a Cisco router is similar to the way you enable RIP, except you specify IGRP as the protocol and add an autonomous system number. For example:
RouterA(config)# router igrp 10 (10 is the AS number)
RouterA(config-router)# network
RouterA(config-router)# network
RouterA(config-router)# network

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Amazon: Refer and Earn Rs200 Gift Card

When it comes to online shopping, my first preference always goes to Amazon. It offers product at cheaper prices than Flipkart and Snapdeal. In order to sustain in today’s tremendous competition, Amazon India has put forth a new offer.
To reach thousands of new customer, Amazon has now started “Refer and Earn” program. There is also another way to earn money from amazon with its affiliate program. buy selling amazon products you will get commission credited to your account; which can be redeemed as a cash or gift voucher.
Let us concentrate on actual offer now:
1) If you have not used Amazon till date for online shopping, then just visit this link and sign up for new account.
2) Now shop for 300 Rs or more using newly created account. By this time, you will receive 100 Rs gift card as per mentioned in offer.
3) Go to referral section and share your unique url via Facebook or Gmail. Ask your colleagues and relatives to shop with 300 or more. When they will make purchase, you will earn 200 Rs per friend.
4) You can redeem 200 Rs gift card against shopping on Amazon India.

Check this link: Earn Rs60 per Flipkart app install

Earn Rs60 per Flipkart app install

    Do you know you can earn by referring friend to Flipkart app
    To know How follow procedure below
  1. Download flipkart shopping app using this link. After installing the app, you will also get Mobikwik cashback coupon worth 50 Rs!
  2. Sign up for the affiliate account and you will surely get approval within a day.
  3. Login to your Flipkart affiliate account and you will see something like this on home page.
  4. Just scroll down the page and copy affiliate URL for Flipkart app install campaign.
  5. Now, share this url with your friends and ask them to download the app. (Applicable only for new or first time installs).
  6. Here is detailed commission chart as per the operating system:

Sunday, May 10, 2015

How to Fix Svchost.exe High memory usage

A few days ago I noticed that svchost.exe was using a lot of memory making my OS very slow. Sometimes, when my computer is frozen and just about unusable, it seems that the cause is some heavy background processing. Sometimes, I can catch who is using all my disk-bandwidth using Resource Monitor (such details are not shown in task manager). I suspect that this svchost.exe instance is really showing the activity of the service for Windows Update, but I am not sure if I can find out for sure.
Here's what I see:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Attackers are able to easily monetize stolen credit card data

When consumers make purchases from a retailer, the transaction is processed through Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems. When a credit or debit card is used, a PoS system is used to read the information stored on the magnetic stripe on the back of the credit card. Once this information gets stolen from a merchant, it can be encoded into a magnetic stripe and used with a new card. Criminal markets exist for this valuable information because the attackers are able to easily monetize stolen credit card data. Incidents involving PoS malware have been on the rise, affecting many large organizations as well as small mom-and-pop establishments and garnering a lot of media attention. The presence of large amounts of financial and personal information ensures that these companies and their retail PoS systems will remain attractive targets.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Howto enable SSH public key authentication on Ubiquiti AirOS v5.5.8 (e.g. Airgrid, NanoStation2)

About SSH Keys

SSH keys provide a more secure way of logging into a Ubiquiti AirOS device with SSH than using a password alone. While a password can eventually be cracked with a brute force attack, SSH keys are nearly impossible to decipher by brute force alone. Generating a key pair provides you with two long string of characters: a public and a private key. You can place the public key on any server, and then unlock it by connecting to it with a client that already has the private key. When the two match up, the system unlocks without the need for a password. You can increase security even more by protecting the private key with a passphrase.

Step One—Create the RSA Key Pair

The first step is to create the key pair on the Aircontrol Server machine (OR it be your computer):
ssh-keygen -t rsa

Thursday, March 19, 2015

EMC error: An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers.

When opening Exchange Manangemnt Console you get the following error:
An error caused a change in the current set of domain controllers. It was running the command ‘Get-OrganizationConfig’.

In the application log you get the following error entries:
Event ID: 4
Source: MSExchange Configuration Cmdlet – Remote Mamagment
General: Task Get-ExchangeServer writing error when processing record of index 0. Error: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.SuitabilityDirectoryException: An Active Directory error 0x51 occurred when trying to check the suitability of server ‘’. Error: ‘Active directory response: The LDAP server is unavailable.’ —>

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to add bookmarks in Outlook Email?

In Microsoft Word, the Bookmark feature can help you find or skip to a specific place at ease without scrolling through large blocks of text. Is the Bookmark feature available in Outlook? Of course, Yes! This article will show you how to add bookmarks in Microsoft Outlook, as well as go to or link to a specific bookmark in an email message.

Outlook fails to start with error: 'Microsoft Outlook' exited without properly closing your Outlook data file

Sometimes After shutting down Outlook forcefully and trying to restart it, the following error is displayed:
'Microsoft Outlook' exited without properly closing your Outlook data file. 'Microsoft Outlook' must be restarted. If this error message recurs, contact support for assistance.
Outlook then exits

  • Run Process Explorer and choose "Find Handle or DLL" from the Find menu.
  • Search for '.ost'. This will display all open handles to your Outlook data file.
  • Choose to close all handles to your .ost file
  • Start Outlook again
  • optionally - run C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\SCANPST.EXE

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fix for Unable to comment on Youtube videos

On November 6, Google changed its YouTube property to only allow comments from Google Plus accounts.

So basically if you want to comment on YouTube videos you must have a Google Plus account; but even after having a valid Google plus account some users face issue that they can't comment on YouTube videos.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Attrib Command Error not resetting system file

When we use attrib command to change read-only or hidden attributes of a system file, we get the error “Not resetting system file“.
E:\>attrib test.txt
A  S         E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +R test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +H test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt
We can fix this problem by adding extra ‘+S ‘ to the attrib command.

E:\>attrib +R test.txt
Not resetting system file - E:\test.txt
E:\>attrib +R +S test.txt
E:\>attrib test.txt
A  S R       E:\test.txt
To make all hidden files visible & to make all grayed out options re-accessible use below command:
E:\>attrib -s -h /s /d

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